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Nobody pays much attention to testimonials because as golfers, we're skeptical, and we all know it's too easy to fabricate or cherry-pick them. But, real people keep sending them in and we keep posting them anyway. (You can look them up. They're all real people). Send us your comments. Please include your name and city.

 "These JumboMax grips lowered my score another 7 strokes."

— Lennie Dean, Dallas TX

"I purchased a complete set of your grips a couple of months ago... I have never hit the ball better (aced a 165 yard par 3 yesterday with a 7 iron)."

— Dane Smith, Medford, OR

"I went from a 26.2 handicap to a 18 in less than a month, playing only eight rounds."

— Joe Mooney, South Lake Tahoe, CA

"I have been a 16 handicap for the last 2 years. After putting the JumboMax® Grips on my clubs, I dropped to a 13 in two weeks. I have spent a lot on all types of equipment and this is the best money I have ever spent on golf."

—Jim Odom, Fort Worth, TX

"This is the next big innovation in golf. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? As soon as my customers hit a club with a JumboMax grip on it they are amazed at the results!"

— Chris Plummer, Manager 
The Villages Custom Club Shop
Ping Regional Clubfitter of the Year 2006.
Callaway Regional Clubfitter of the Year 
2006 and 2009.
Nike Advisory Board Member.

"I'm especially happy with the improvement in my short game! If I'd had JumboMax Grips on my wedges 10 or 12 years ago, I would have made millions on the Champions Tour."

— Lon Hinkle, 3-Time PGA Tour Winner

"I was amazed at how much more accurate my shots were with my driver, seven iron and pitching wedge. I never put my glove on, didn't need it. I felt like an assassin, everything I aimed at I hit. Hard to believe that your grips made all the difference...You have a MONSTER product here."

— Warren Wrobel, Chicago, IL

"The reason I will keep coming back is the fact that your grips have made a profound improvement in my game.

I cannot thank you enough."

— Wayne Snowden, Delaware

"All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!! I was consistently hitting the ball straight down the middle with NO HOOK. I put the large grip on the new driver I bought and my buddy put it on his driver as well. I will give these grips 2 thumbs up."

— Sam Robinson, Roanoke, IN

"Just wanted to let you know how my golf game continues to improve. Yesterday, I shot my best score ever at my 9 hole course, a 39 (3 over). A couple of weeks ago as I told you, I shot a 42.

This is all after years of averaging in the upper 40s - low 50s. I have been telling everyone I know about these grips. They feel great.

Thanks again."

— John Brooks, Elgin, IL

"I played eighteen holes with the new grip and I can't believe how well I played!!!!

...One of the members of our foursome, who was playing with his regripped driver, played the best he has played all fall and winter.

Thanks for being at Arnold Palmer and introducing us to your new grip!!

I have already started spreading the word!!!

— Jay Nelson, The Villages, FL

"Regard them as my best birthday present to myself!

Besides the comfort and confidence, it's the best "feel" for where the club head is in years."

— Bud Wilson, Elgin, IL

"My kid's golf instructor was amazed as I nailed my 4-hybrid with your large grip 230 yards to about 8 feet for birdie to take the hole from him.

I passed your info on to everyone I know - they look at the grips and laugh until they see how I play..."

— John Young, Wellington, FL

"...The honor was mine and I stuck one straight over the pin to 15 feet... well, they nearly tore the club from my hands and proceeded to pass it round the whole group to see how big the grips felt... funny they were more inclined to credit the grips than little old me :)

Thanks again,"

— Martin Duggan, San Francisco, CA

"...On number 14, I hit a 7 iron from 156 that hit the pin stopping 4 inches from going in. That is the closest to a hole-in-one that I have had in forty years since the one and only one I made when I was 18 with a 7 iron."

— John Jordan, Florida