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JumboMax Tour Series Grip - Black & Lime Green

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    New! — The JumboMax Tour Series. Our Tour Series grips feature a deeply-textured, all-weather design for incredible feel and tackiness, and the performance better players require. The Tour Series takes JumboMax Grips game-improving performance to a whole new level. JumboMax Grips simply fit your hands better for increased distance, better accuracy and more solid ball striking. Our patented design and larger diameter provides a superior “Finger-Palm™ grip” that is revolutionizing the game of golf. Played by professional and PGA Tour winner Bryson DeChambeau.

    Independent tests by GolfTest USA and Golf Etc. showed that in nearly every category tested, from club head speed, launch angle, side spin, back spin to carry distance, JumboMax Grips outperformed standard golf grips. Once you try them you'll never want to go back to a "skinny" grip again. 

    Patented. Conforms with USGA Rules.

    • Promotes light, even grip pressure for faster club head speed.
    • Shape: Oversized tapered profile keeps club face square longer.
    • Color: Black with lime green accents. 
    • Firmness: Maximum
    • Texture: Multi-textured, High-tack, All-weather Polyurethane surface.
    • Vibration Dampening: Moderate
    • Standard .600 inch core diameter.
    • Weight: Std oversize (SO) 57g, Junior (JR) 87g, Small (SM)98g, Medium (MD) 105g, Large (LG) 116g, X-large (XL) 122g.
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    1. Best grips I've ever played!

      As a single plane golfer, with a strong ten finger grip, I need to have a larger grip to control my club face. The size and shape of these grips allow me to really dial in my face control and bring the club in on plane without squeezing hard. My only complaint is the shipping charges. When I buy them from Amazon, I get free Prime shipping. When I have to order them direct, I get charged almost the price of a regular grip for shipping. Obviously a better deal to buy them from Amazon except they are out of the junior size. on 11th Jul 2018

    2. Put it on an M4 Driver

      Put this grip on an Taylormade M4 driver and I am hitting it more consistently and longer by about 10 or 15 yards because I am hitting the sweet spot more often. Gonna put these on my wedges and see if it helps in chipping. on 4th Jul 2018


      I began my experiment a few months ago...I tried the Junior size, Medium size and XL size before settling on the Medium size. Once you get used to the different swingweight, you will never go back to a “normal” size grip again. Give it a few range sessions and I promise you that you will be a believer. I am not sure I have ever been so comfortable with a golf club in my hand. My ball striking has been as consistent as it has ever been and although my natural shot shape is a cut, I am able to work the ball both ways with this grip. (One of my fears coming at the start) It is so easy to produce a flat left wrist at impact (right handed golfer) with these grips. I am not sure I have gained any distance with these grips but the consistency is amazing and it has made practicing and playing fun again. Also, the grips seem to be of the highest quality and the customer service from this company is some of the best I have received. on 30th Jun 2018

    4. Clubmakers surprise

      When i was in the golf shop business i received a trail set from Jumbo Max . I looked them over and said to myself i would not recommend to any customer these grips unless they had serious hand troubles. well to keep a long story short i have developed a hand issue. So the other day i took one of those trail grips and put it on a iron club and went to the driving range to give it a test. Instant love. I have since installed Jumbo Max Small on my full set . I would recommend Jumbo Max to any one in golf weather they have hand issues or not to give them a test. the back weight effect does not cause me a issue in fact i love that feel of hand/club control it gives . Give em a try you will love them. on 18th Jun 2018

    5. Great grips

      Sure like them on 9th Feb 2018

    6. Learn some things LOW around!

      I started w a Jumbomax on an older driver to get a feel for how it feels and works. The company provides a nice "sampler" of a few grips of different sizes to try before a major purchase. I have a fairly large hand and wear a cadet large golf glove. I tried the L and XL Jumbomax but the Medium size fit me perfectly. XL would be way too large unless you had an exceptionall large hand. The sensitivity of your hand on the club is fantastic and you immediately become more aware of your club face in relationship to the back of your lead hand.
      The grip immediately sets your hands into a very neutral position with the back of both your hands facing the target. You can NOT get into a grip that is too weak or strong.
      The weight of the grip "back weights" the club which significantly reduces the measured "swing weight" of the club. My clubs re measured to about C1 from D2. The overall TOTAL weight of the club increases but the club feels much lighter in your hands.
      It will be tough to make your clubs "heavier" again.
      To get back to a D2 swing weight would require a lot if lead tape on the back of your club head.
      However, I do believe that the lighter swing weight and "feel" has INcreased my swing speed adding a few extra ( and precious, right?) yards.
      After testing, I put some super cool black/green/grey grips on all my clubs. Unfortunately, the company has now discontinued that line which I loved the best. Hope that with INcreasing demand they will bring them back.
      The only real drawback I found was that most golf bags don't have openings for the clubs to remove easily. The lip of the wide top of the Jumbomax grip catches on the rim of the club holder.
      No problem for a Pro who has a huge Tour bag.
      Maybe Jumbomax will get into the bag business, designing some more user friendly bags for the Jumbo max club golfers.

      Finally, the PROOF is in the pudding, right?
      Recently had a career LOW round..and I'm 71 years old!
      Jumbo max did it!
      on 17th Nov 2017

    7. Great grips

      I've been reading reviews on these grips for a year and all I read was they were to big and hard to install finally pulled the trigger and bought a full set of xl tours.
      First impression not as big as i was lead to believe fits my medium cadet hands perfectly
      Install was simple they just slide right on
      Feel great in the hands
      I was fighting a hook and haven't lost one to left with these grips
      I only wish there was a non tapered version of these
      Overall love em

      on 19th Oct 2017

    8. Best grips ever!

      The jumbomax tour series grips are the best grips I have ever used. They keep the club head very square and deliver straight shots. I don't consider these grips oversized, the other grips are VERY undersized. Customer service is top rate. on 2nd Mar 2017

    9. Nothing else even comes close

      "You will never waste another dollar for minute on a glove grips are perfect powerful nonslip and should last for years I can't really even know about this product and I was using oversize Grips prior to this Kudos jumbo Max.
      on 7th Dec 2016

    10. Great product

      I purchased the Jumbo Max grips in Medium. I have Rheumatoid arthritis with damage to most of my joints in my hands. I was having trouble hanging onto my clubs and now I can hang onto my clubs and have dropped my scores by 7 on average. I love these grips
      on 7th Dec 2016

    11. The greatest change to any golfers game

      All l I can say is try them...I am confident it is the last grip you will ever buy and it will change your game ! on 21st Nov 2016

    12. Fits like glove,, without a glove!

      Superior grip. No glove needed, great traction. Exactly what I hoped it would be. Be mindful of the grips weight, they are on the heavy side. Love this product. JR size tour model. on 17th Sep 2016

    13. Game Changer

      I'm a 10-handicap and went out the first day and shot a 75. One bad shot because I did not release the club. Grips keep the face of the club (wood or iron) so solid at point of impact, especially wedges. Really promotes a great "feel" with delicate distance shots including bunker shots. The only uncomfortable feeling is trying to hold a club with a traditional grip. Your friends will laugh at you until they have to start paying you at the end of the round. on 3rd Sep 2016

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